Online Education Programmes

The Online Education Programmes organized by the APSS consist of case discussions and lecture sessions. The online education programme aims to allow exchange of knowledge from spine surgeons virtually.

Past Online Education Programmes

APSS-Medtronic 2nd Webinar 2022
APSS-Medtronic 2nd Webinar 2022

APSS - Medtronic Webinar Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis part 1
APSS-Medtronic (2022) Webinar

APSS 4th Webinar 2021
APSS 4th Webinar

APSS 3rd Webinar 2021
APSS 3rd Webinar

APSS 2nd Webinar 2021
APSS 2nd Webinar

APSS 1st Webinar 2020
APSS 1st Webinar