Spine Operative Courses

The Spine Operative Courses organized by the APSS consist of lecture sessions, live operative video sessions, and saw bone workshops. The next phase for the APSS is to run spine cadaveric operative course.

APSS has held many operative courses in different Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam.

The purpose of the course is to share and impart the principal knowledge of pathological conditions of spinal disorders and the surgical techniques of spinal surgery.

Kathmandu 2017
Kathmandu 2017

Dhaka 2017
Dhaka 2017 - Postponed

Surabaya 2016
Surabaya 2016

Cambodia 2016

Yangon 2015

Manila 2015

Kathmandu 2014

Hanoi 2014